ekipeventi, places and words

When the mind is ready to set off, we will recognize the place and the words granting us new awareness. (G.H.M.S)

We are a dynamic and flexible group of professionals organizing small and large events and taking care of all the elements ensuring their success, including translations and editorial services. All this is rooted in the fervent belief that there is no such thing as a standard solution, because each event has its own character, peculiarities and goals.

We have chosen a tailor-made strategy combining inventiveness and creativity with precision and expertise. This approach to our Clients allows us to guarantee topmost quality and customized services to satisfy even the most complex needs.

We are glad to be of service.


The events

The main specialty fields of ekipeventi are medicine and science, but we also operate in other areas: we like to think that places and words know no boundaries. Neither do we confine ourselves to one single type of event. Our competences cover...


The events of international scope are accomplished thanks to our network of highly skilled and certified translators and interpreters (native speakers or graduates from the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of Trieste)...

Editorial services

Thanks to our tailor-made approach, combined with our long-standing experience, we are able to listen and fully understand the communication goals of the publishers as well as their targets. We can thus create targeted, unique and efficient editorial products...